Chase Adams

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  • Keeping people focused => is the hardest thing in running any side project. Pushing people harder and keeping people accountable.
  • We met 30 people and every single one of them turn as down. If u have enough people telling U that U’re crazy, U can start doubting yourself. => so.. Be careful !
  • We met PG, and he’s the first person who gets it. That’s the turning point. That’s what kicking things for us.
  • Focus on making a small group of people LOVE U.
  • If I leaned something that day, then it’s a success.
  • If U’re doing SU, the rotten sandwich U’re gonna be having is facing lots & lots of failure and rejections.. (if U’re not careful).. That could .. Make U question yourself.

Sophie’s notes from … Chase Adams at Startup School NY 2014