Accelerating Non Profits w. Kate Courteau – YC


– What we look for in the non profit realm:
  1. Founders –> we look for people who are very determined –> we look for a group of founders who will not give up
  2. We’re really interested in working with technology infused non profit
  3. We’re looking for people who’s working on some of the world’s difficult problems and really have the desire to create broad impact
  4. We have appreciation for sustainable biz model –> at one point reaching sustainability on their operation so they’re not continually fund raising.
– Distilling down the process (of starting a startup):
  1. work on the product
  2. talk to their users
  3. measure their impact on a weekly basis
– Without getting feedback from the people that you’re building the product for, you’re not gonna make / build a good product –> we ask people to get a small number of people who love their product –> ask them to measure on a weekly basis –> then you’ll get a sense whether you’re actually making progress.