Shana Fisher

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Things about startup:

  1. RUNWAY How am I getting this done, by any means necessary, not about runway.FOUNDER It’s not always necessary to have a co founder. I like to see the people that can take the company to the distance, & being a single founder sometimes is the best way to do that. Some people are better to be a single founder & U should design the co around the skills.
  2. TIME => to launch Now, take as much time as possible to make your product perfect. There has to be a “hook” on how people love your product & it may take a while to craft that. Not only concerning about MVP, but how can U raise above ur competitors.
  3. LOCATION Relationships U’re building.
  4. INVESTORS Nobody knows anything – William G. When U’re talking to an investor, it’s really personal, it’s very subjective. The river always flowing. Think of the world your investor play, and where they’re coming from. Do research.
  5. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT It’s really important to build for today. Having a big vision => this is the area we’re gonna disrupt. What’s today’s big problem that I’m gonna solve? The design => if U have something really breakthrough, don’t worry about your design. I focus more on the iceberg of the product, not just the surface.
  6. PEOPLE Many people who start a startup don’t know how to manage people. It’s really important to perfect how U manage people, one by one. Build the time that way. Diversity is really important. Prioritize hiring women early on. Mental diversity. We’re not gonna get more female founders unless they get more experience. CAN I TALK TO U FOR A MINUTE? The importance of managing people. “The scarf method” Startup can be crazy & U loose perspective of things around U, & that’s actually important, to be in that “no perspective” place.
  7. EQUINOX The timeline of when U don’t have to make money to when U do. I like a co that think of the biz model early on, ahead of time. U have good destiny when U control the money. Either U’re in control of raising money or making money. Investors invest in POTENTIAL. They like to look at what they look for, what potentially gonna be valuable.
  8. COSMOS There are big problems out there to solve. I’d really like to see breakthrough things. U really only are going to achieve as big as U do dream. What I do is look for people who have really big dreams & they know how to build for today to get there, whatever U view as meaningful/inspirational.

It’s really important when U start a co to have that spark, bc if U don’t have that, it’s going to show. The authenticity shows.Find something that inspires U

U can always get a job. It’s easier. Startup is really hard, so if U’re gonna do it, U gotta go for it, and THAT’S what I wanna see.

Sophie’s notes from … Startup School NY 2014